Stratton McCrady spent too many years involved with other art forms before grasping finally that the camera was his truest partner in crime. Wielding it, he has become convinced that a focus on people, their eccentricities and majesties, beauties and flaws, make up the details of a passionate art. Having worked in education and the production of theatre, a flair for the dramatic constantly informs the imagery he makes today.

“I learned photography largely on my own, and only in my fifties did I decide to fully advance my training, committing completely to digital arts and imaging.”

The renaissance man was my paragon example growing up. All of my family emanated from the conviction that what and how you create can define your gift, your meaning and value in this life.” This worldview came down from professors, priests and artists, a sort of family holy trinity of vocation.

“Today I see a world strangely at odds with diversities and afraid of true freedom of thought and speech. I never thought we’d find ourselves here, now, still fighting old battles, and failing in such commonly familiar ways. It seems that speaking the truth about society, or history, or love - about people; the truth is not very welcome these days.”  

“Perhaps it’s a contrary view, but I don’t think the digital age has weakened the power of the image to move us and to communicate powerfully. In fact I think the overflow of imagery simply deepens the well of how everyone strives to express themselves and their expanding universe."

Stratton McCrady makes photographs for gallery exhibition, publication, and private clients in the performing arts throughout New England.